2015 media releases

Ensure a ‘gift’ of festive fairness at work
18 Dec 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman has urged employers and employees to check the pay rates and entitlements that apply over Christmas and the New Year.
Spotlight on health care & social assistance
15 Dec 2015
Australia’s growing health care and social assistance industry is to be the focus of a new national campaign by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Businessman fined $42k over underpayments
11 Dec 2015
A labour-hire operator in Melbourne who has been the subject of a “litany of complaints” has been fined $42,840 after deliberately underpaying two workers.
Taiwanese backpacker short-changed $21,000
10 Dec 2015
A fast-food restaurant in the Melbourne CBD underpaid a Taiwanese backpacker almost $21,000 in just five months, a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation has found.
Service station operators fined for underpaying overseas workers $111,000
9 Dec 2015
The operators of a Melbourne service station have been fined more than $92,000 for underpaying two Indian workers as little as $10 an hour.
Japanese restaurant short-changed Korean visa-holder $6000 in just five months
8 Dec 2015
A Korean visa-holder employed at a Japanese restaurant in Sydney was paid a flat rate of just $16.50 an hour, an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman has revealed.
Deadline looms for workers at Baiada sites
4 Dec 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman is urging workers who believe they may have been underpaid by labour hire contractors for work at Baiada poultry processing plants this year to lodge their claims before a December 31 deadline.
Fair Work Ombudsman successful in High Court appeal on sham contracting matter
3 Dec 2015
The High Court has unanimously upheld an appeal from the Fair Work Ombudsman in relation to a sham contracting matter affecting workers at a Perth accommodation facility.
Overseas worker recruited as restaurant manager, but employed as chef and underpaid $45,000
3 Dec 2015
An employee recruited from Malaysia to work as a restaurant manager in regional Queensland was employed as a cook and short-changed more than $45,000 in a little over a year.
Business unaware of minimum pay rates short-changed Korean backpackers $16k
2 Dec 2015
The operator of a cleaning business at Cairns in Far North Queensland who underpaid two overseas backpackers more than $16,000 says he was unaware of Australia’s minimum wage rates.

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