February 2014

SA specialist food campaign results
28 Feb 2014
Specialist food shops across South Australia should double-check the wage rates for their employees, a report released today by the Fair Work Ombudsman suggests.
Happy + engaged = productive
24 Feb 2014
A Centre for Workplace Leadership survey has provided further evidence that “happy and engaged employees” can have a direct impact on increased productivity.
Mildura company and director fined almost $50,000 for underpaying over six years
21 Feb 2014
The operators of a Mildura company who failed to apologise to an employee who was underpaid over six years have been fined almost $50,000 in the Federal Circuit Court in Melbourne.
Melbourne furniture company director fined over employee underpayments
21 Feb 2014
The former director of a Melbourne furniture company has been fined almost $30,000 for his part in underpaying two employees.
Company fined almost $50,000 for applying duress to Hunter Valley workers
20 Feb 2014
A national company that deliberately breached workplace laws when it applied duress to three employees to get them to sign workplace agreements has been fined $49,550, in the Federal Circuit Court in Sydney.
$76,000 back-pay for Top End workers
19 Feb 2014
Dozens of employees in the Northern Territory have been reimbursed more than $76,000 after inquiries by the Fair Work Ombudsman revealed they had been underpaid at work.
Two Victorian petrol station workers allegedly underpaid almost $50,000
18 Feb 2014
The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal proceedings against the former operator of a petrol station in regional Victoria, alleging two console operators were underpaid a total of almost $50,000.
Fine for underpaying medical centre staff
17 Feb 2014
The former owner-operator of medical centres in Perth and Sydney has been fined $22,176 over the underpayment of nine employees.
Cleaners allegedly had $130,000 unlawfully deducted from their wages
14 Feb 2014
A Melbourne recruitment and labour hire company allegedly falsified its employment records and unlawfully deducted tens of thousands of dollars from the wages of dozens of cleaners.
Employers face court over alleged failure to comply with back-payment demands
12 Feb 2014
The Fair Work Ombudsman is encouraging employers who have underpaid their staff to rectify any outstanding entitlements promptly, after launching a series of legal proceedings against employers who have allegedly failed to comply with back-payment demands.
South-East Queensland workers back-paid $52,000
11 Feb 2014
A number of workers in South-East Queensland have been back-paid more than $52,000 in wages and entitlements following recent intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Brothels in breach of workplace laws
8 Feb 2014
Random audits of dozens of Victorian brothels found more than 70 percent in breach of workplace law, the Fair Work Ombudsman revealed today.
Pay packet review for call centre workers
6 Feb 2014
Telemarketers who worked in call centres across Australia will have their pay packets reviewed as part of an audit by two national companies of their labor engagement practices.
Jetstar fined over breaches of workplace laws
6 Feb 2014
Two Jetstar companies have today been fined a total of $90,000 for unlawfully making six cadet pilots responsible for training costs and making deductions from their wages, despite receiving advice the deductions contravened workplace laws.
Company acts to end question mark over employment classifications
5 Feb 2014
A company which underpaid a sales consultant more than $16,000 after incorrectly hiring her as an independent contractor will review all its employment records to ensure no other workers are being underpaid.
Hays Specialist Recruitment partners with Fair Work Ombudsman to improve workplace practices
4 Feb 2014
Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia) Pty Ltd is the latest major employer to join with the Fair Work Ombudsman in a partnership aimed at achieving best practice in its workplace practices.
Sydney security company revamps workplace processes after underpayments
3 Feb 2014
A Sydney company director who admits underpaying 24 casual security guards has agreed to undertake workplace relations training, following an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

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