Townsville checks on employers

8 October 2013

The Fair Work Ombudsman will be in Townsville in late October as part of a new campaign to ensure employers are maintaining appropriate records and providing employees with pay slips.

Fair Work Inspectors will conduct face-to-face visits with about 100 randomly selected employers.

The focus will be on the entitlements of casual workers, checking to ensure employers are providing minimum shift hours, a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement at the commencement of their employment, and that sufficiently detailed pay slips are being provided to workers.

Fair Work Ombudsman, Natalie James, said the focus on the entitlements of casual workers was prompted by persistent complaints from young casual employees who are often unaware of the full terms of their employment.

“The Fair Work Ombudsman is conscious that young workers can be vulnerable if they’re not fully aware of their entitlements. It’s our role to protect their rights and ensure they are getting everything they’re entitled to, from the information on their pay slips to the minimum shift hours under the award,” Ms James said.

Inspectors will also advise employers about the range of free resources available at to help them comply with workplace laws. Online resources include record-keeping and pay slip templates and tools for determining correct rates of pay for employees, such as PayCheck Plus.

Ms James said the campaign provides an opportunity for Townsville employers to improve their understanding of workplace laws.

“We continue to see employers failing to keep correct records and issue pay slips that contain all the necessary information. Failure to issue pay slips with sufficient information denies an employee the opportunity to check that they are being paid correctly,” said Ms James.

“A key role of the Fair Work Ombudsman is to work with employers to help them understand and meet their obligations, which is what we’ll be doing throughout this campaign. Our inspectors will work with Townsville employers to voluntarily rectify issues and put processes in place to ensure they get it right in the future.”

Employers and workers seeking assistance should visit or contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94.

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