March 2013

Getting the right pay over Easter
27 Mar 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman is urging employers and employees to check pay rates and entitlements that apply to public holidays over the upcoming Easter break.
Advice for North Eastern Victorian workplaces affected by extreme weather
26 Mar 2013
Workers and employers affected by recent storms and tornadoes in North Eastern Victoria are encouraged to contact the Fair Work Ombudsman if they require advice and assistance.
Fair Work Ombudsman focus on the Riverland
21 Mar 2013
Inspectors from the Fair Work Ombudsman will be in the Riverland this week, talking to employees about their entitlements during the picking season and educating employers about their obligations to staff.
Fair Work Ombudsman pledges support for Defence Reservists
21 Mar 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman has formalised its commitment to Australia’s Defence Reservists by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Defence Force.
South Australian workers back-paid $314,000
20 Mar 2013
Workers in South Australia have been back-paid a total of $314,000 following intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman in a number of recent underpayment cases.
Workers in the Hunter region back-paid $41,000
19 Mar 2013
Workers in the Hunter region have been back-paid a total of $41,400 following recent intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Gold Coast worker back-paid $34,000
18 Mar 2013
A Gold Coast worker who had been underpaid for almost 15 years has been back-paid $34,600 after an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Restaurant operator fined after attempting to 'contract out' of minimum wage rates
14 Mar 2013
A former Canberra restaurant operator has been fined $16,170 after using individual contracts to try to avoid paying Award wages and entitlements to staff, resulting in underpayments of more than $50,000.
Melbourne truck driver allegedly underpaid $124,000
13 Mar 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched a prosecution against a Melbourne grocery importation business, alleging it underpaid a delivery truck driver who speaks limited English more than $124,000 over a five-year period.
Court action over alleged $27,000 underpayment of Sydney trolley collectors
12 Mar 2013
Twelve trolley collectors in Sydney were not paid any wages over an 11-day period, it is alleged in a new prosecution case in the Federal Magistrates Court.
National advertising company faces court over alleged $59,000 underpayment of employees
10 Mar 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched legal action against a national advertising company, alleging it underpaid 45 employees in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, many of whom were young and foreign workers, almost $60,000.
Court action over alleged $62,000 underpayment of Northern NSW security guards
7 Mar 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched a prosecution against a Northern NSW security company, alleging it underpaid seven security guards a total of more than $62,000.
Horse racing industry focus of new campaign in NSW, Victoria and Queensland
6 Mar 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman will audit up to 90 horse racing trainers over the next three months to check they are paying their employees their full entitlements.
Fines imposed after young Melbourne trainees paid just 73 cents per hour
4 Mar 2013
The former operators of a Melbourne martial arts and fitness centre have been fined a total of $45,936 for paying young trainees as little as 73 cents an hour.

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