February 2013

Court action over alleged $22,000 underpayment of six foreign cleaners in Perth
28 Feb 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched a prosecution against a Perth cleaning company, alleging it underpaid six foreign cleaners a total of more than $22,000.
Motor vehicle dealerships focus of new campaign across QLD, NSW and ACT
27 Feb 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman is targeting motor vehicle dealerships across New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT over the next five months as part of a new education and compliance campaign to ensure staff are receiving their full entitlements.
Court action over alleged disability discrimination
26 Feb 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman is prosecuting the operators of a medical practice in Sydney, alleging a young vision-impaired receptionist was discriminated against on the grounds of her disability and underpaid more than $20,000.
Fair Work Ombudsman visits Sunshine Coast
22 Feb 2013
Fair Work Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson will highlight some common excuses employers use for underpaying staff during a visit to the Sunshine Coast on Friday February 22.
$136,000 in fines for underpayment of Indian employee in Melbourne
21 Feb 2013
The former operators of a Melbourne kebab shop have been fined a total of $136,000 and ordered to back-pay an Indian employee more than $50,000.
Sydney restaurants targeted for underpayment of wages
19 Feb 2013
16 Sydney restaurants are facing further investigation for potential underpayment of wages after spot-audits conducted by the Fair Work Ombudsman over the past week.
Nowra call centre fined for underpaying workers almost $200,000
18 Feb 2013
The operators of a Nowra call centre, on the New South Wales south coast, have been fined a total of $107,500 and ordered to back-pay almost $200,000 to staff.
Fair Work Ombudsman to take part in O-Week
14 Feb 2013
Students who are working to help support themselves through uni this year are being encouraged to take advantage of O-Week to find out about their workplace rights.
$189,000 in back-pay for Perth workers
14 Feb 2013
Workers at Perth have been back-paid a total of $189,200 following recent intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Fine imposed for underpayment of foreign workers in Adelaide and Brisbane
13 Feb 2013
The Australian arm of a global retail company has been fined $59,400 for underpaying 13 employees - including many foreign workers - in Adelaide and Brisbane.
Pharmacy education and compliance campaign
13 Feb 2013
This month the Fair Work Ombudsman commences a national education and compliance campaign focusing on the pharmacy industry.
Retail outlet discriminated against pregnant employee
12 Feb 2013
A Melbourne retail company which breached discrimination laws by reducing a worker’s hours after she fell pregnant has agreed to apologise and pay compensation.
Unpaid Work Schemes: Exploitation or Experience?
7 Feb 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman today announced a new focus on educating employers and employees about the legitimacy of schemes for unpaid work experience.
Fines imposed over $60,000 underpayment of Melbourne worker
6 Feb 2013
The former operators of a Melbourne wholesaler have been fined a total of $52,800 and ordered to back-pay a worker more than $60,000.
Fines imposed over underpayment of Bendigo transport workers
4 Feb 2013
The operators of a transport business in central Victoria have been fined a total of $11,880 and ordered to back-pay employees more than $220,000.
Entertainment industry focus of new campaign
4 Feb 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman will audit up to 60 businesses in the live entertainment production industry over the next three months as part of a new education and compliance campaign.
Regulator acts to enforce Court orders
1 Feb 2013
The Fair Work Ombudsman is implementing a new, pro-active strategy aimed at ensuring Court penalties and back-payment orders are upheld.
High Court Action - Toyota Material Handling
22 Feb 2012
The Fair Work Ombudsman confirmed today that Toyota Material Handling (NSW) Pty Ltd (the company) had filed a Notice of Discontinuance in the High Court of Australia.

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