South Australia part-day public holidays

21 December 2012

The Fair Work Ombudsman has provided updated information about the arrangements applying to part-day public holidays in South Australia to help employers ensure they provide the correct entitlements to staff and to help workers check they are been paid correctly.

This follows the determination handed down today by Fair Work Australia, which inserts new schedules into 113 modern industrial awards to provide specific entitlements which apply to the South Australian part-day public holidays this festive season.

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) welcomed the clarity the decision provides to all those affected by the part-day public holiday arrangements.

The role of the FWO is to ensure employers and employees have the information they need to ensure public holiday penalty rates are appropriately applied.

As a consequence of the outcome of the determination provided today by Fair Work Australia, the information available on the FWO website has been updated.

The Fair Work Ombudsman encourages employers who are open during the part-day public holidays and employees who are working on the part-day public holidays to check the website to see how the arrangements apply to them.

FWO Media contact: 08 8225 8263 (all hours)

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