Church of Scientology

13 September 2011

On March 9, 2010, the Fair Work Ombudsman initiated an investigation into the Church of Scientology (CoS) following claims raised the previous night by the ABC’s Four Corners program.

Further allegations about CoS workplace practices were made in the Senate on March 18, 2010, after which the names and contact details of a number of witnesses were provided confidentially to the Fair Work Ombudsman to assist the Agency with its inquiries.

Following a lengthy investigation, the Fair Work Ombudsman recently provided a draft copy of its initial Statement of Findings to the relevant parties - complainants and CoS entities - for feedback before determining its final position.

The draft was provided on the basis that it was a confidential document not to be circulated to any person.

The Fair Work Ombudsman understands that a copy of its initial draft Statement of Findings has been circulated publicly, and notes that such circulation is beyond its control.

Further, the Fair Work Ombudsman notes that the final Statement of Findings is likely to differ substantially from the initial draft.

The final Statement of Findings will be made available to the relevant parties - complainants and CoS entities - later this week.

The Fair Work Ombudsman will release the Statement of Findings publicly some time after that.

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