July 2019

FWO audits Brisbane’s West End
25 Jul 2019
The Fair Work Ombudsman is today continuing surprise audits of 50 bars, restaurants and cafes in Brisbane’s popular West End food district to check if they are compliant with workplace laws.
Day spa operator back-pays visa holders
23 Jul 2019
The operator of six day spa centres in Sydney has back-paid $65,939.87 to 13 employees, and admits he made unlawful deductions from their salary and underpaid penalty rates and annual leave entitlements.
MADE Establishment signs undertaking
18 Jul 2019
A major Melbourne restaurant company has back-paid workers over $7.8 million in wages and superannuation and faces ongoing regulatory scrutiny, after entering into a Court-Enforceable Undertaking with the Fair Work Ombudsman.
FWO takes action alleging underpayment of nanny
17 Jul 2019
The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched proceedings in the Federal Court alleging that Sydney businessman, Kit Antony (Tony) Lam, underpaid a Filipino nanny and domestic worker up to $155,178.
Bundaberg businesses audited
11 Jul 2019
Fair Work inspectors are today completing audits of about 40 businesses in Queensland’s Wide Bay region, following concerns that employers in the horticulture sectors may be breaching workplace laws.
$243,000 penalties for underpayments, false records
8 Jul 2019
The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured penalties of $243,000 against the operators of several retail fruit and vegetable and flower stores across Melbourne for underpaying workers, non-compliant record keeping and falsifying employment records.
Chinese student underpaid nearly $13,000
5 Jul 2019
A Sydney horticulture labour-hire company will back-pay $12,933 to a Chinese student after a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation uncovered multiple breaches of workplace laws.
Sushi operator penalised for underpayments
4 Jul 2019
The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured $124,416 in penalties against the operator of a chain of sushi outlets for deliberately underpaying migrant workers in Canberra.
Penalty for underpayment of Sydney security guards
3 Jul 2019
The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured a penalty of $39,090 against a former Sydney security company operator for underpaying dozens of security guards.
New minimum wage kicks in today
1 Jul 2019
The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) is reminding employers that the national minimum wage has today increased to $19.49 per hour (up from $18.93), or $740.80 per week (up from $719.20).

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