January 2018

Southern ACT businesses on notice after campaign finds pay slip and wage rate breaches
31 Jan 2018
The Fair Work Ombudsman has today released the findings of its proactive compliance and education campaign targeting the Southern ACT region, with 69 per cent of businesses found to be fully compliant with their workplace obligations.
Partnership leads to improved systems and processes to manage workplace compliance
26 Jan 2018
A two-year partnership between the Fair Work Ombudsman and Compass Group (Australia) Pty Ltd has resulted in improved compliance and has enhanced the company’s capability to manage workplace issues into the future.
$200,000 penalty for sushi store’s unlawful internship rip-off of young foreign workers
24 Jan 2018
A sushi outlet operator and an accountant have been penalised almost $200,000 for their involvement in an unlawful internship program that exploited young overseas workers.
More allegedly false Caltex franchisee wage records spark further legal action
24 Jan 2018
The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced another legal action alleging its attempt to audit a Caltex outlet in Sydney was obstructed by the franchisee providing falsified wage records.
Labour hire business to face court for alleged unlawful unpaid work experience
22 Jan 2018
A Brisbane labour hire business will face court for allegedly underpaying 10 employees more than $14,000 through an unlawful unpaid work experience program.
Truckies get $374,000 back-pay
17 Jan 2018
Ten truck drivers who worked for an Adelaide transport company have been back-paid a total of $374,000 following successful legal action by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Chocolate café manager penalised $27,000 for exploiting overseas workers
16 Jan 2018
The former manager of an Oliver Brown chocolate café outlet on the Gold Coast who was ‘seeing what he could get away with’ when he exploited overseas workers has been penalised $27,200.
$50,000 back-paid to workers in Melbourne’s south east
12 Jan 2018
The Fair Work Ombudsman recently assisted workers at four businesses in suburbs south east of Melbourne to recover almost $50,000 in unpaid wages and entitlements.
Judge imposes $85,000 penalty as “sharp lesson” for repeat-offender childcare operator
9 Jan 2018
A Judge has penalised a repeat-offender Melbourne childcare operator $85,000 for her latest staff underpayments, saying she required a “sharp lesson” to make her appreciate her legal obligations.

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