2017 media releases

Sushi operator allegedly exploited young overseas workers
16 Feb 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal proceedings against a sushi-outlet operator, alleging he exploited Korean workers and provided false records to the FWO.
Sydney café operator faces Court over alleged cash-back scheme
15 Feb 2017
The operator of a Sydney café is facing Court for allegedly requiring an overseas worker to pay-back thousands of dollars of her wages as part of an exploitive cashback scheme.
Fair Work Ombudsman out to smash myths relating to young workers
13 Feb 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman is seeking to educate employees and business on the myths that are contributing to a concerning number of young workers being underpaid around Australia.
$120,000 in penalties for “reckless or careless” retailer who underpaid three workers $90,000
13 Feb 2017
The operators of an Australian-themed retail outlet in Melbourne have been penalised more than $120,000 for underpaying three shop assistants more than $90,000 over five years.
Fair Work Ombudsman recovers almost $30,000 for underpaid workers at NSW security company
10 Feb 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured almost $30,000 for five underpaid employees of a NSW-based security services company.
Chinese worker in Sydney underpaid $36,000
9 Feb 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has again warned that paying overseas workers low, flat rates is unlawful after a Western Sydney homewares retailer was caught paying a Chinese employee just $12 an hour.
Record penalties of $532,000 in FWO cashback case
8 Feb 2017
Record penalties of $532 000 have been ordered in a case involving the exploitation of five workers at a café in regional NSW.
Labour-hire operator allegedly flouts laws relating to overseas workers on Queensland farms
7 Feb 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman’s national Inquiry into exploitation of overseas workers on the Australian harvest trail has led to the Agency launching legal action against a Queensland labour-hire operator for allegedly flouting record-keeping laws.
Judge says immigrant employers exploiting workers from similar background is “extremely serious”
6 Feb 2017
A Judge has imposed more than $200,000 in penalties and issued a stinging rebuke to two migrant Asian business operators in Brisbane for their “extremely serious” conduct in exploiting five workers from a similar cultural background.
Happytel revamps practices after overseas workers underpaid in Adelaide
3 Feb 2017
The operator of the Happytel mobile phone accessories chain has agreed to revamp its workplace practices after the Fair Work Ombudsman found that two overseas workers at outlets in Adelaide were underpaid a total of more than $13,000.
Melbourne fine dining restaurant underpays overseas workers $35,000
2 Feb 2017
A Melbourne fine dining restaurant is overhauling its workplace practices after a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation found it had underpaid six overseas workers more than $35,000.
Little cheer at Japanese restaurant paying visa holders less than $10 an hour
1 Feb 2017
A Gold Coast Japanese restaurant has been found to have underpaid more than $24,000 to 10 workers after paying flat rates and deducting from wages of some workers who were visa holders.
Adelaide nail salon operator faces Court
30 Jan 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against the owner of a nail salon in Adelaide, alleging he failed to take appropriate action after being put on notice to pay employees correctly.
Fair Work Ombudsman report reveals non-compliance in major fast-food franchise
27 Jan 2017
A Fair Work Ombudsman Activity Report has identified widespread non-compliance within Pizza Hut outlets with three quarters of audited outlets failing to comply with workplace laws.
Enforceable Undertakings resulting from the Fair Work Ombudsman’s Activity Report on Pizza Hut outlets
27 Jan 2017
Enforceable Undertakings resulting from the Fair Work Ombudsman’s Activity Report on Pizza Hut outlets
Gold Coast tour bus operator to make stop in Court over sham contracting and underpayment claims
26 Jan 2017
A Gold Coast tour bus operator will face the Federal Circuit Court in Brisbane over claims it engaged in sham contracting and underpaid two workers from non-English speaking backgrounds a total of $43,477.21.
Migration agency faces Court for allegedly underpaying young overseas workers
25 Jan 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against a migration agency, alleging it underpaid two young overseas workers in Brisbane more than $17,000 over a period of less than five months.
Adelaide massage parlour operator faces court
24 Jan 2017
The operator of a number of massage parlours in Adelaide is facing Court for alleged serious contraventions of record-keeping and pay slip laws.
$143,000 in penalties for $18,000 underpayment of two overseas workers in Brisbane
23 Jan 2017
A Court’s decision to impose $143,000 in penalties over two Taiwanese workers in Brisbane being underpaid $18,000 sends a message about the seriousness of ignoring warnings to pay workers correctly, according to the Fair Work Ombudsman.
$125k back-pay for workers in south-east Melbourne
20 Jan 2017
A former manager of an automotive repair business at Seaford in Victoria has been reimbursed $102,990 following intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
More exploitation allegations against Melbourne burger bar operator
19 Jan 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced a second litigation against the operator of a Melbourne burger bar for allegedly exploiting more young and overseas workers.
Dark day for windscreens company penalised almost $85,000 for exploiting employees
18 Jan 2017
An Adelaide car windscreens company and its director have been penalised almost $85,000 after exploiting seven employees, including one who was paid a flat hourly rate of just $12.50 for a period of 10 years.
Young apprentice pastry chef short-changed $7000
17 Jan 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered more than $7000 back-pay for a young worker at a food manufacturing business in inner Sydney.
Cleaning company signs undertaking to prevent repeat of underpayment errors
16 Jan 2017
A cleaning services company has back-paid an underpaid worker in regional Victoria almost $3000 and agreed to make a $1000 donation, following intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Joint campaign by FWO and ASIC proves a success
12 Jan 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered almost $40,000 for underpaid Brisbane workers as part of a joint campaign with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

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