2017 media releases

Laser engineering company’s bill nearly doubles after failure to pay unfair dismissal compo
3 Apr 2017
A Melbourne engineering company and one of its directors have been penalised more than $25,000 after the business ignored a Fair Work Commission (FWC) order to compensate a worker it unfairly dismissed.
Campaign highlights underpayment of apprentices
31 Mar 2017
A Fair Work Ombudsman report has revealed that one in three Australian businesses audited as part of the agency’s National Apprenticeship Campaign failed to pay their apprentices correct wages.
Wollongong targeted for unannounced audits
31 Mar 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has conducted a series of unannounced audits in Wollongong in response to concerns young workers in the town are being exploited.
Workplace audits indicate room for improvement for small businesses in Top End
30 Mar 2017
Spot checks of 16 take-away and informal dining outlets in the suburbs of Darwin have found that more than 60 per cent were not compliant with workplace laws.
Queensland labour-hire operator slammed for “appalling and egregious treatment” of visa-holders
28 Mar 2017
A Queensland labour-hire company and its director have been penalised $227,300 for deliberately exploiting vulnerable foreign workers after luring them to Australia with a string of false promises.
Victorian business faces legal action over failure to pay compensation
28 Mar 2017
A former trolley collecting services operator in regional Victoria is facing court for allegedly ignoring Fair Work Commission orders to compensate two employees who had been unfairly dismissed.
$72 000 in penalties after international student exploited, dismissed by text message
27 Mar 2017
The operator of a Queensland resort restaurant has been penalised for his “deliberate and calculated” conduct in exploiting a young international student and dismissing her by text message because she refused to accept below-Award wages.
Packing company delivered $220K penalty after “appalling greed” in underpaying migrant workers
24 Mar 2017
A Melbourne packing services business with a history of short-changing workers and one of its directors have been penalised more than $220,000 for underpaying three staff, including two visa holders.
Judgment confirms Compliance Notice and $77,000 for Indian worker
23 Mar 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has won judicial support for the first review of a compliance notice.
New app, heavier penalties reinforce record-keeping as core business
21 Mar 2017
As workers get an innovative new tool to record their hours, it is time for businesses to take record-keeping as seriously as the courts and government.
New app to prevent exploitation of young and migrant workers
17 Mar 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has released a new app aimed at tackling the persistent problem of underpayment of young workers and migrant workers around the country.
Regional NSW restaurant commits to change after underpaying workers more than $22,000
16 Mar 2017
A restaurant in regional NSW has agreed to back-pay more than $22,000 to 24 workers - including teenagers paid as little as $7 per hour - following an audit by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue make a public commitment to compliance with workplace laws
13 Mar 2017
One of Australia’s leading businesses in the café sector has made a public commitment to ensure compliance with workplace laws across its 300 plus outlets by partnering with the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Former Canberra café operator faces court
10 Mar 2017
The former operator of a Canberra café is facing Court for alleged serious contraventions of record-keeping and pay slip laws.
Perth security company allegedly underpaid guards $200,000
9 Mar 2017
A Perth security company is facing Court for allegedly underpaying its guards more than $200,000.
Gold Coast restaurant operator allegedly paid overseas workers as little as $8 an hour
7 Mar 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against the operator of a Japanese restaurant on the Gold Coast, alleging his company paid overseas workers as little as $8 an hour and used false records to suggest he paid higher rates.
A warning for growers, hostel owners and labour-hire contractors on wage rates
6 Mar 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman is urging horticulture businesses to be vigilant when engaging workers from labour-hire operators this harvest season by making themselves aware of the minimum rates of pay for casual pickers under the Horticulture Award.
Court action over alleged exploitation of migrant trolley collectors in Bendigo
3 Mar 2017
A trolley collection subcontractor is facing Court for allegedly exploiting two migrant workers at Bendigo, in regional Victoria, and using false records to try to cover it up.
Seafarers reimbursed more than $100,000 by foreign shipping company
27 Feb 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered $100,649 for ten seafarers from the Philippines who were underpaid while working in Australian waters.
$50,000 recovered for workers west of Melbourne
25 Feb 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has assisted three workers in suburbs west of Melbourne to recover more than $50,000.
$23,000 pay-day for workers north-east of Melbourne
25 Feb 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered $23,432 for two workers in suburbs north-east of Melbourne.
Melbourne childcare operator back in Court
22 Feb 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched a second legal action against the owner-operator of a Melbourne childcare business, alleging she has again underpaid workers thousands of dollars in minimum entitlements.
Melbourne restaurant dealt $100K blow after “egregious” underpayment of visa holder
21 Feb 2017
A Melbourne restaurant has been hit with a $100,000 penalty after it “grossly exploited” a visa holder from Taiwan through underpayments worth more than $30,000 in less than nine months.
FWO adopts Equitable Briefing Policy
20 Feb 2017
The FWO has recently signed up to a landmark new Equitable Briefing Policy launched by the Law Council of Australia. The policy is aimed at improving the briefing of women barristers across Australia.
IGA supermarket operator allegedly underpays employees in two stores
17 Feb 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against an IGA supermarket operator in Melbourne, alleging he underpaid employees as young as 19 and used false records to give to the FWO, despite being previously put on notice of his obligations to correctly pay employees and keep records.

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