December 2017

Employer faces court for alleged underpayment of medical first aid responders
20 Dec 2017
The owner of a Melbourne health services company is facing court for allegedly short-changing medical first aid responders working at public events more than $13,000 and using false pay records.
40 per cent of ACT businesses fail second chance
19 Dec 2017
Canberra business operators are continuing to fall short of meeting their workplace obligations despite intervention from the Fair Work Ombudsman, a new report has found.
Legal action after 71yo worker allegedly underpaid at Queensland fast food outlet
15 Dec 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against the former operator of a fast food outlet in northern Queensland for the alleged underpayment of a 71-year-old employee.
Rogue operator penalised for exploiting overseas backpackers on NT mango farms
14 Dec 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured a $25,412 penalty in Court against a rogue operator who exploited overseas workers on mango farms near Darwin.
Political party leader who short-changed workers criticised for “arrogant” attitude
13 Dec 2017
A political party leader who promised to pay workers $30 an hour to hand out how-to-vote cards but paid them nothing has been penalised in Court and criticised by a Judge for his “arrogant” attitude and lack of remorse.
Melbourne cleaning operator allegedly ignored warnings, exploited overseas workers
12 Dec 2017
A contract cleaning operator in Melbourne is facing the Federal Circuit Court for allegedly exploiting three overseas workers, despite having been put on notice to pay employees’ lawful minimum entitlements.
Sushi operator allegedly underpaid vulnerable workers in Canberra
8 Dec 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against the operator of a chain of sushi outlets for allegedly exploiting overseas workers in Canberra.
Caltex franchisee allegedly falsified records of wage rates paid to overseas workers
7 Dec 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against a Caltex franchisee in Sydney for allegedly falsifying records of the wage rates it paid to overseas workers.
Record WA penalties of more than $500,000 for systematic exploitation of overseas workers
5 Dec 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured a total of $510,840 in penalties against rogue cleaning operators in Perth, with a Judge slamming them for their “deliberate”, “repeated” and “systematic” exploitation of vulnerable overseas workers.

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