2008 media releases

The media releases in this section come from the former Workplace Ombudsman (WO) and the Office of Workplace Services (OWS), which governed workplace relations in Australia prior to 1 July 2009. We have archived them for historical purposes.

$120,000 fine for chocolate company
11 Mar 2015
Australia’s largest privately-owned confectionary manufacturer and retailer – Darrell Lea – has today been fined $120,000 in the Federal Magistrate’s Court in Melbourne for breaches of the Workplace Relations Act.
$120,000 fine for employer who bullied vulnerable trolley collectors
5 Aug 2008
A company which underpaid and bullied disabled workers hired to collect supermarket trolleys has been fined $120,000.
$30,000 Penalty for Melbourne Retailer Who Underpaid Casual Shop Assistants
25 Mar 2008
A decision by the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to fine Kathryn Harvey, trading as Barton Harvey in Richmond and Collingwood, $30,000 for underpaying two casual shop assistants more than $8,000 is a lesson for other businesses considering attempts at “getting around” workplace laws, Australia’s Workplace Ombudsman said today.
$40,000 back-pay for some Albury-Wodonga workers
18 Nov 2008
A number of Albury and Wodonga employers have had to back-pay some of their workers a total of $40,000 following investigations by the nation’s pay protector.
$40,000 penalty for restaurant which underpaid staff
22 Dec 2008
A former restaurant which underpaid its chefs, cooks, waiters and dishwashers has copped a $40,000 penalty.
$70,000 returned to 460 fruit pickers
25 Jun 2008
More than 460 fruit pickers in Queensland’s Gatton region are being reimbursed about $70,000 after an investigation by the federal Workplace Ombudsman found many were being underpaid.
$9,000 Penalty is No Holiday For NSW Marketing Company
26 Mar 2008
A NSW company that markets and sells packaged holidays in Newcastle has been fined $9000 in the NSW Chief Industrial Magistrates’ Court after underpaying 13 casual workers, the Workplace Ombudsman’s Executive Director Michael Campbell said.
$9,000 Penalty is No Holiday For NSW Marketing Company
7 Mar 2008
A NSW company that markets and sells, on behalf of others, packaged holidays has been fined $9000 in the NSW Chief Industrial Magistrates’ Court this week after underpaying 13 casual workers, Workplace Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson said.
“Careless” employer fined for sacking worker who queried her pay
4 Nov 2008
A Melbourne garden and building supplies’ business which sacked a female worker after she queried her pay and conditions has been fined almost $20,000.
“Pass” for most northern WA employers
1 Dec 2008
About 80 per cent of employers in northern Western Australia are complying with workplace laws, random audits have revealed.

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