2007 media releases

The media releases in this section come from the former Workplace Ombudsman (WO) and the Office of Workplace Services (OWS), which governed workplace relations in Australia prior to 1 July 2009. We have archived them for historical purposes.

Warning to Employers at the Hobart Summer Festival and Taste of Tasmania to Pay Young Workers Correctly
19 Dec 2014
Businesses participating in the Hobart Sumer Festival and Taste of Tasmania event were warned today that they must pay young workers employed in casual or part time jobs their lawful wages and entitlements and that Australia’s Workplace Ombudsman will be watching to ensure that they provide fair workplaces and comply with workplace laws.
Melbourne Company Directors Pay The Price For Ignoring Workplace Law
21 Dec 2007
A decision by the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to fine two former directors of Finlay Engineering Pty Ltd more than $40,000 for breaches of Workplace Law concerning Australian Workplace Agreements offered to their employees should serve as a warning to all employers about complying with workplace law, Australia’s Workplaces Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson said today.
Penalty Awarded For Underpaying Young Apprentice
20 Dec 2007
The Director of Melbourne based Colin's Carpentry Services Pty Ltd, Colin Bonnici, was ordered to pay a penalty of $10,000 in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for breaches of the National Building and Construction Industry Award 2000 and the Workplace Relations Act 1996 which resulted in the underpayment of more than $12,000 to a young apprentice carpenter.
Zinifex Australia Ltd Prosecuted for Alleged Duress in Connection With An AWA
20 Dec 2007
Australia’s Workplace Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson confirmed reports in the media today that Zinifex Australia Ltd (Zinifex) is being prosecuted by the workplace regulator in the Federal Court of Australia for allegedly applying duress to four workers in connection with an Australian Workplace Agreement (AWA) at the company’s former Hobart smelter.
Workplace Ombudsman Praises Results of Tasmanian Division
20 Dec 2007
Workplace Ombudsman’s Tasmanian Division.
Workplace Ombudsman Investigates Tasmanian Meatworks Dismissal of Workers
19 Dec 2007
Australia’s Workplace Ombudsman has launched an immediate investigation into the dismissal of six meat workers at the Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd meatworks in north western Tasmania.
Federal Workplace Ombudsman Announces Major Compliance Campaign In Queensland
18 Dec 2007
Australia’s Workplace Ombudsman, Nicholas Wilson launched a major compliance campaign to enforce fair and lawful treatment of Queensland workers in Brisbane today.
Warning to Farmers as Fruit Picking Season Gets Underway
18 Dec 2007
Australia’s Workplace Ombudsman today sent a clear and direct warning to agricultural and horticultural businesses employing seasonal workers such as fruit pickers that breaches of workplace law such as underpayments and paying employees “off the books’’ will not be tolerated.
West Australian Chemical Company Prosecuted By Federal Workplace Ombudsman
18 Dec 2007
Australia’s Workplace Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson has confirmed media reports that Western Australian chemical company Liquid Engineering 2003 Pty Ltd (Liquid Engineering) is being prosecuted for its alleged failure to pay a worker their lawful entitlements.
Federal Workplace Ombudsman To Prosecute Gippsland Telecommunications Company
17 Dec 2007
Australia’s Federal Workplace Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson today announced the prosecution of Gippstel Pty Ltd and the company’s director, Peter White, for the alleged underpayment of two employees totalling more than $17,000.

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