Access, accountability & reporting

Transparency about our operations is important to us. We demonstrate our accountability and efficiency by providing readily accessible information to you.

On this page, you can learn how to access information and reports about us from our website or by contacting us.

Accessing information

You can access information from us under our Information Access Policy. Go to the Accessing our information page to find:

  • about our Information Publication Scheme
  • how to access information under our Information Access Policy
  • how to make a freedom of information request
  • what previous freedom of information requests have been made.

Reporting to parliament

We report specific information either directly to Parliament, or make it accessible on our website.

This information includes our:

Reports and submissions

We write and publish reports to let you know about activities we're doing.

For more information and to access these reports go to:

We also make submissions to reviews and prepare responses to research reports which relate to our activities.

You can see the submissions and responses we've made on our Submissions page.

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