PayCheck Plus

Pay Check Plus

PayCheck Plus is our online application for calculating pay under a modern award.

You can:

  • use it to find base pay rates, allowances, overtime and penalty rates
  • calculate pay rates per hour, or for entire shifts worked over 7 days
  • print, export and save your selections.

Important! From time to time we update the pay rates in PayCheck Plus. Employers should subscribe to our Pay rate updates to get a notification when rates change.

PayCheck Plus does not have information on all awards (see Who can use PayCheck Plus?). If you can’t find your rates, see Finding the right pay for other tools to help you find the minimum rates, or Contact us.

PayCheck Plus automatically calculates any transitional arrangements under your modern award. Find out about transitional arrangements at Pay rates under modern awards.

How to use PayCheck Plus - Check my pay


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Page last updated: 31 Aug 2011