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This section has a range of tools to help employers and employees. Many of these, like the fact sheets, best practice guides and templates are updated from time to time, so it’s a good idea to come back to this section and download the latest versions each time you want to use them.

In this section

Online learning centre
Our online learning centre has courses to teach you skills and strategies to help you at work. They’re interactive and let you learn at your own pace.
Award Finder
Award Finder makes it easy to search for modern and pre-modern awards. You’ll need to know which award covers you to use other tools on this website. In this section you can also find Pay & Conditions Guides for many industries.
Leave Calculator
The Leave Calculator helps you calculate annual and personal leave under the National Employment Standards (NES).
PayCheck Plus
PayCheck Plus enables you to calculate base pay rates, allowances, overtime, and penalty rates of pay per hour. You can also calculate pay rates for entire shifts worked over a seven day period. You can print, export or save your selections.
Pay Rates Calculator
The Pay Rates Calculator can work out the base rate of pay and penalty rates for a single shift or an entire week. It’s designed for payroll staff and advanced users.
Best Practice Guides
These guides are designed to help small to medium-sized businesses achieve best practice. By implementing best practice initiatives that go beyond minimum requirements, employers and employees can achieve fairer and more productive workplaces.
Checklists to see whether you’re doing things correctly and whether you have policies and procedures in place to guard against unlawful discrimination in your workplace.
Email updates
Find out about the Annual Wage Review, changes to your obligations or entitlements, upcoming campaigns that could affect you and more.
Fact Sheets
Fact sheets provide information on a range of topics including workplace rights and responsibilities, the National Employment Standards and the role of the Fair Work Ombudsman. You can read them on the web page or print them out to use as reference.
Need a definition? See our Glossary page.
Search for unpaid wages
If a past employer has lost touch with you but is required to pay you for outstanding wages and entitlements, they have to pay the money to the Commonwealth. This section lets you search our database to find out if the Commonwealth is holding any money that you can claim.
This section includes templates that employers can use for record-keeping and managing staff, and checklists to help you assess your employment policies. There are also templates to help you if you’re an employee who wants to make a complaint to your employer.
Our webinars cover topics including record-keeping, trainee and apprentice entitlements and industry specific rights and conditions. You’ll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.
Community presentations
You can use our downloadable community presentations program to tell workers in your community about their workplace rights. The program is available in a number of languages.
MyPortal is your personalised doorway into our information and services. You can perform a number of tasks inside MyPortal, including saving pay rates from PayCheck Plus and searches from Award Finder.

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Page last updated: 09 Jan 2014