Pay & Conditions Guides

What is a Pay & Conditions Guide?

It’s a summary of wage rates, allowances and other entitlements for employees covered by modern awards.

Most modern award pay rates, penalties and loadings are being phased in and will be different depending on an employee’s pre-modern award entitlements.

Pay and Conditions Guides have the minimum pay rates and loadings that apply under the modern award.

Important! From time to time we update the pay rates in our pay tools. Employers should sign up for our pay rate updates to get an alert when the figures change. You can also see old updates going back to 1 July 2011.

There are currently about 960 Pay and Conditions Guides. You can download and print them.

Finding Pay & Conditions Guides

Below are links to some Pay and Conditions Guides for popular industries in each state.

You can find Pay and Conditions Guides for other industries using Award Finder. To do this:

  • search for your modern or pre-modern award by code, by industry or by award title
  • click the plus sign symbol next to the award title to find the linked modern or pre-modern award
  • follow the arrow next to the linked award and click the view icon to access the Pay and Conditions Guide.

Pay & Conditions Guides for popular industries

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Page last updated: 27 Feb 2014