Finding the right pay

We have a number of tools you can use to find the minimum rates that apply. These are the same tools our infoline advisers use.

Pay tools

  1. PayCheck Plus
    Not sure what your pay rate should be? Looking for wages for your employees? PayCheck Plus works out base pay rates, allowances, overtime, and penalty rates per hour, per shift, or per week. It can also work out different base rates for a number of different staff and employers including juniors and apprentices.
  2. Pay Rates Calculator
    If your pre-modern award’s not available in PayCheck Plus the Pay Rates Calculator lets you manually enter pre-modern award information. It can work out the base pay rate and penalty rates for a single shift or hour by hour. It’s for payroll staff and advanced users.
  3. Pay and Conditions Guides
    Our Pay and Conditions Guides give you a summary of the wage rates, allowances and other entitlements under modern awards. You can access them through our Award Finder tool.
  4. Trainee Wage Calculators
    The trainee wage calculators can help you find minimum pay rates for the most common trainee positions in several industries.

Contact us if you have any problems finding information or opening documents on this site.

Note: from time to time we update pay rates in our pay tools. If you’re an employer you should sign up for updates on the pay rates for awards that cover your staff. To do this, go to Pay rate updates. You can also see old updates going back to 1 July 2011.

Industry Pay and Conditions Guides

These guides explain pay and conditions under your modern and pre-modern award. You can find Pay and Conditions Guides for other industries through Award Finder.

Below are links to Pay and Conditions Guides for 14 common industries.

The pay and penalty rates for most modern awards are being phased in until 1 July 2014. The tools on this page will help you work out your rate of pay. Find out more on the Pay rates under modern awards page.

Changes to minimum wages & staying up to date

Every year, the Fair Work Commission External link icon conducts a wage review. They look at the minimum wage and decide whether it should change.  Any changes to the minimum wages start to apply on 1 July every year.

You can stay up-to-date with changes that affect you by signing up for email updates.

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Page last updated: 28 Aug 2013