Apprentice & trainee pay

Pay rates for apprentices and trainees vary depending on their:

  • years of school completed
  • years of training
  • type of apprenticeship / traineeship
  • industry or job
  • award, agreement or contract covering their employment.

Apprentice Wages

Apprentices usually get a percentage of what a qualified tradesperson would get. It also depends how long they’ve been in the apprenticeship. For example, someone in the second year of a 4-year apprenticeship may get 70% of a qualified tradesperson’s wage.

You can use PayCheck Plus to calculate minimum wages for apprentices, including allowances and penalty rates.

Our Pay and Conditions Guides also have tables with minimum apprentice rates of pay. You can access Pay and Conditions Guides for most awards through Award Finder.

Trainee wages

An employee must be registered as a trainee to be paid trainee wages. They can’t be paid as a trainee just because they are new to a job.

Our trainee wage calculators will help you find minimum pay rates for trainees.

Trainees are usually paid based on:

  • the training course they’re doing
  • when they finished secondary school
  • the highest year of school they completed.

You can also visit our industry pages for more information about other conditions in common industries like retail, building and construction, hospitality, hair and beauty, vehicle and plumbing.

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Page last updated: 13 Mar 2013