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1 July 2009

New era in Workplace Relations

Fair Work Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson says he is personally excited about his new challenge of creating harmonious, productive and co-operative Australian workplaces.

Mr Wilson says the new Agency has an unprecedented complement of advisory, education and compliance resources and powers.

“I see this as a significant opportunity to improve the way we work in Australia,” says Mr Wilson, whose workplace relations career spans 25 years.

“Indeed, I would suggest that there has never been such an opportunity to create better Australian workplaces.

“The right to fair wages and conditions is enshrined in the new laws and we will be doing our best to make sure every worker and every workplace knows their obligations.

“We’ll also be helping Australians to develop more positive working cultures that help build sustainable improvements in productivity.”

The former Workplace Ombudsman says he is committed to building on the strong successes of his previous Agency.

Mr Wilson believes providing education and assistance for Australian workplaces is a big task, but one for which the FWO is well equipped.

“The Fair Work Ombudsman has a marvellous opportunity to implement a truly creative and comprehensive suite of compliance activities,” he said.

“This will involve the capacity to strategically co-ordinate services in compliance, advice and education.

“We will provide best practice guidelines – simple and practical ideas for employers to implement in their businesses to create happier, more productive and more cost effective workplaces.”

For the first time, the Fair Work Ombudsman will be able to investigate allegations of discrimination in the workplace.

Mr Wilson believes the additional responsibility means the Agency can provide a much fuller service to employers and employees – which should, in turn, translate to greater simplicity, greater awareness and greater compliance.

“A single, streamlined process means that a complainant is less likely to give up because it all just seems too difficult. Instead, we will be able to investigate the problem, address it and teach the parties how to prevent it from happening again,” he said.

“Moreover, we intend to use our public reputation as a strong regulator to disseminate advice about workplace discrimination, and in so doing, hope to prevent it from occurring in the first place.”

The new Fair Work Infoline phone number is 13 13 94 (available 8am to 6pm local time).

The new website is

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