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27 September 2007

Australia’s Workplace Ombudsman Defends Vulnerable Trolley Collector Workers in Albury Today

Nicholas Wilson Australia’s Workplace Ombudsman continued his national crackdown on rogue practices in the trolley collection industry in Albury today launching the Workplace Ombudsman’s prosecution of Xidis Pty Ltd (Xidis) trading as Effective Supermarket Solutions and its director Nick Xidis for allegedly exploiting (through underpayment of wages and entitlements) vulnerable trolley collector workers.

“I have said many times that trolley collector workers are among the most vulnerable of the vulnerable workers in our community and the Workplace Ombudsman is absolutely determined to protect the rights and entitlements of these vulnerable workers,” Nicholas Wilson said.

The Workplace Ombudsman is prosecuting Xidis trading as Effective Supermarket Solutions for allegedly committing very serious breaches of workplace law by allegedly underpaying 15 of his vulnerable trolley collector workers’ wages and entitlements by more than $69,000.

The underpayments allegedly include underpayment and non payment of basic rate of pay, annual leave and annual leave loading, penalty rates for those working on weekends and public holidays and severance pay. While Xidis has repaid $36,000 of these underpayments, the Workplace Ombudsman is pursuing payment of all entitlements to the vulnerable trolley collector workers.

Nicholas Wilson also announced that the workplace watchdog had commenced a ground breaking legal strategy to pierce the murky ‘corporate veil’ used by the many trolley collection companies to try and avoid responsibility for honouring their workers’ lawful entitlements and deter employers from seeking to do so in the future.

Under section 728 of the Workplace Relations Act 1996, the Workplace Ombudsman has ‘involved’ Nick Xidis, the Director of Xidis Pty Ltd trading as Effective Supermarket Solutions in his business’s alleged contraventions of workplace law, thereby making it possible to pursue these individuals for wages and entitlements owed to vulnerable trolley collector workers.

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