Freedom of Information changes

On 1 May 2011, changes were made to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act). These changes allow you to have more access to the information held by government agencies.

Some of the changes include:

  • An Information Publication Scheme where we proactively provide access to some information that we hold
  • A disclosure log where we publish non-exempt information that we have released due to an FOI request

Access to any of these types of documents are available from our Freedom of Information section.

The Freedom of Information Act

The FOI Act gives any person the right to:

  • access copies of documents (except exempt documents) we hold
  • ask for information we hold about you to be changed or annotated if it is incomplete, out of date, incorrect or misleading
  • seek a review of our decision not to allow you access to a document or not to amend your personal record.

You can ask to see any document that we hold. We can refuse access to some documents, or parts of documents that are exempt. Exempt documents may include those:

  • relating to national security
  • containing material obtained in confidence
  • Cabinet documents
  • other matters set out in the FOI Act.

Information Publication Scheme

The changes to the FOI Act introduce an Information Publication Scheme (IPS). Under the IPS, agencies are required to publish certain categories of information online where possible. Agencies can also proactively publish other types of government information online.

You can view our full list of available documents at Information Publication Scheme.

Disclosure log

We publish non-exempt information that we have released under the FOI Act, in our Freedom of Information disclosure log.

If the information is not available for download, you can contact our Freedom of Information Contact Officer to request access.

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Page last updated: 22 Sep 2011