Considering a career in clerical?

You might want to try a traineeship in the industry. An apprenticeship or a traineeship is a formal training arrangement between an employer and employee. The employee will become skilled in a particular job or trade upon successful completion of their training.

An apprenticeship or a traineeship can be done on a full-time or part-time basis, with training done either on or off the job. For example, the apprentice or trainee may attend TAFE or trade school to complete part of their training.

Have a look at our clerical Apprenticeships & traineeships section for a list of traineeships in the industry.

Please note that there may be a number of other training schemes available in the clerical industry. For more information on other training schemes, contact the education or training authority in your state.

Free webinar on the Clerical Award

The Fair Work Ombudsman will provide a free webinar about the Clerks - Private Sector Award 2010, on 17 August 2011. The webinar is intended for accountants and others in the accounting industry.

The webinar will support the Fair Work Ombudsman National Clerical Workers Campaign 2011 that focuses on employees in clerical roles in the accounting services industry.

The webinar will provide:

  • an overview of the campaign and what to expect if you are selected for a review
  • an explanation of the Clerks Private Sector Award to help you understand your obligations
  • A walk through the resources and tools available on the Fair Work Ombudsman website to assist you to comply.

Spaces are limited, so apply now External link icon.

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Page last updated: 12 Aug 2011