Pay tools now updated

We have now updated our pay tools and Pay and Conditions Guides, to include the Fair Work Australia Annual Wage Review increase.

The Fair Work Australia Annual Wage Review decision increases:

  • modern award weekly wages by 3.4%
  • the national minimum wage for adults to $589.30 per week (or $15.51 per hour)
  • allowances under applicable modern awards
  • the minimum rates for juniors, apprentices, and trainees.

This decision takes effect from the first pay period on or after 1 July 2011.

The tools that have been updated in line with the Annual Wage Review decision are:

  • Paycheck - a simple search tool that will give you a base rate of pay for that job.
  • Payroll Check - a tool that allows you to calculate multiple base rates of pay for a number of different staff and employers.
  • Pay Rates Calculator - a tool that can work out the base rate of pay and penalty rates for a single shift or hour by hour. It’s designed for payroll staff and advanced users.
  • Pay and Conditions Guides - these guides provide a clear summary of pay and conditions under your modern and pre-modern award.

Increase to the high income threshold from 1 July 2011

In addition to the minimum wages increase, the high income threshold increases to $118,100 on 1 July 2011. This amount increases annually on 1 July.

The high income threshold affects how a modern award applies to an employee, and affects their ability to access unfair dismissal, so it is important to check how this may affect you.

How do I stay updated?

You can sign up for our Latest news RSS feed by clicking on the RSS button above. We will update our latest news section with important information about the minimum wage decision. Instructions on how to use RSS are available at RSS Alerts.

You can also now follow us on Twitter - @fairwork_gov_au External link icon for updates on the minimum wage changes, and other important workplace relations news.

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Page last updated: 01 Jul 2011