Parental leave

Employees get unpaid parental leave when a new child is born or adopted. Parental leave includes maternity leave (for mums), paternity leave (for dads and partners) and adoption leave as well as other types of special leave.

The minimum entitlements to parental leave apply to all employees in Australia, even if they aren’t covered by the National workplace relations system.

Employees can also have extra entitlements, such as paid parental leave, under an award, agreement, company policy or another law (eg. the Australian Government Paid Parental Leave scheme). These entitlements can’t be less than the entitlements in the National Employment Standards.

Record-keeping requirement

Employers have to keep records of all leave their employees take. This includes any unpaid leave, such as parental leave. Find the details, including record-keeping templates for leave, on the Time & wages records page.

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Page last updated: 10 Jul 2013