General leave entitlements for your employees are covered by the National Employment Standards (NES), which means that they will usually be the same for all of your employees regardless of which modern award applies to them.

You can use the Leave Calculator to calculate annual and personal leave entitlements under the NES.

The modern awards contain some specific leave provisions that will only apply to your employees who are covered by the award. Information about these provisions, including annual leave loading, can be found in this section.

Information about your general leave obligations, including how annual leave and personal leave accumulates, and your parental leave and community service leave obligations is available below.

Record-keeping requirements

You must keep records of all leave taken by all of your employees. This includes your employees' annual leave balance, details of any leave taken and any other special arrangements such as unpaid leave or leave in advance.

While you do not have to put your employees’ annual leave entitlements on their pay slips, you do need to provide them with access to their annual leave balance when they request it.

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Page last updated: 17 Sep 2010