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Road safety remuneration system

In this section you’ll find information about the Road Safety Remuneration System (the RSR System), which applies to most drivers and businesses in the road transport industry. The RSR System aims to improve road safety for truck drivers, their families and all Australian road users.

Under the RSR System, the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (the RSRT) sets pay and related conditions for road transport drivers in the road transport industry.

First Road Safety Remuneration Order

The RSRT has made an order that operates from 1 May 2014 until 30 April 2018. Visit the Conditions for road transport drivers page to find out how the order affects you.

About the System

If you’re covered by the System, your obligations and conditions only change  if the RSRT makes an order or decision that covers you or your business. Any orders or decisions that the RSRT makes will be published on their website.

You can find out more about the RSR System, including the roles of the RSRT and the Fair Work Ombudsman, in the About the system section. 

Coverage for owner drivers and hirers

Owner drivers are sometimes also called independent contractors, contractor drivers and owner operators. Owner drivers will generally provide their own vehicle.  Owner drivers are engaged by hirers in the road transport industry under a contracting arrangement to transport goods by road.

A hirer is a business that engages an owner driver to perform work under a contracting arrangement, also called a contract for services. 

Coverage for employee drivers and employers

Employers engage road transport drivers in the road transport industry as full-time, part-time or casual employees. Employee drivers will usually drive a vehicle supplied by their employer.

Employee drivers receive pay and related conditions under the RSR System in addition to their usual entitlements.  

Coverage for supply chain participants

Supply chain participants include consignors, intermediaries, and operators of certain sites used for loading and unloading (eg. distribution centres and ports). 

Looking for pay rates or information about awards?

To find base rates of pay, allowances, overtime and penalty rates for employee drivers covered by a modern award in the road transport industry, you can use PayCheck Plus.

If you need help finding out which modern award applies, you can use Award Finder.

You can also visit the Pay & entitlements page for general information about how conditions for employee drivers in the RSR System interact with their award and other minimum entitlements.

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Page last updated: 24 Mar 2014