Clause 20 of the Retail Award has allowances that your retail employees receive for various reasons.

The Retail Award has allowances for special uniforms, dress or other clothing, meals and travel. All allowances form part of your employees' minimum entitlements so you must ensure that they are receiving all applicable allowances.

The allowances apply in full, as written in the Retail Award. Read clause 20 of the Retail Award for full details about the allowances that may apply to your employees.

Allowances calculated on the standard rate

You will notice as you read clause 20 of the Retail Award, that some allowances are calculated as a percentage of the 'standard rate'. The standard rate is the minimum wage for the Retail Employee Level 4 classification as it appears in the award. The standard rate may be updated on 1 July each year and is currently:

Employment catgeory Effective 1 July 2013
Weekly standard rate $724.50
Hourly standard rate $19.07


The first aid allowance under the Retail Award is 1.3% of the weekly standard rate, paid to an employee who holds an appropriate first aid qualification and is appointed by the employer to perform first aid duties. Effective 1 July 2013, the weekly standard rate is $724.50.

1.3% of $724.50 = $9.42

An employee who is appointed to perform first aid duties will receive an additional $9.42 each week.

Uniforms and clothing

If you require your retail employees to wear any protective or special clothing (such as a uniform, dress or other clothing) you must either provide and/or pay for the clothes or reimburse your employees for the cost of purchasing the clothes.

If you require your employees to clean any special uniform, dress or other clothing, they are entitled to an allowance. Effective from 1 January 2010, this allowance is:

Employment category Allowance amount
Full-time employees $6.25 per week
Part-time and casual employees $1.25 per shift

Employees working in Northern Territory, Western Australia and Broken Hill

If you have retail employees who work in the Northern Territory, Western Australia or Broken Hill, they may be entitled to a district allowance. If you require further information about district allowances see clause 20.13 of the Retail Award or contact us.

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Page last updated: 06 Sep 2010