What types of businesses are covered by the Retail Award?

The General Retail Industry Award 2010 (the Retail Award) covers employers in the general retail industry, and will apply to employees who work in jobs that are covered in the classifications of the Retail Award.

The Retail Award doesn’t apply in some situations, including employers who are covered by the following awards:

  • the Fast Food Industry Award 2010
  • the Meat Industry Award 2010
  • the Hair and Beauty Industry Award 2010
  • the Pharmacy Industry Award 2010.

Check clause 4 of the Retail Award to see if any exclusions apply to you, and Contact us if you need further information or assistance with award coverage.

Not covered by the Retail Award? Try the:

What types of businesses are in the general retail industry?

Under the Retail Award, the general retail industry means the sale or hire of goods and/or services for personal, household or business use, including:

  • the sale and / or hire of
    • food, such as supermarkets and grocery stores
    • furniture, houseware and appliances
    • recreational and personal goods
  • department stores, clothing and soft goods
  • household equipment repair services
  • bakery shops, where the main activity is baking products for sale on the premises
  • customer information and assistance provided by shopping centres or retail complexes
  • newspaper delivery drivers employed by a newsagent
  • labour hire employees performing work covered by the award.

What types of businesses aren’t in the general retail industry?

Under the Retail Award, the general retail industry does not include:

  • pharmacies (including in hospitals and institutions providing in-patient service)
  • hair and beauty businesses
  • hair and beauty work in theatrical, amusement and entertainment industries
  • stand-alone butcher shops
  • stand-alone nurseries
  • retail activities operating from a manufacturing or processing establishment (with the exception of seafood)
  • clerical functions performed away from the retail establishment
  • warehousing and distribution
  • motor vehicle retailing, including fuel and parts retailing
  • fast food businesses
  • restaurants, cafes, hotels and motels
  • building,construction, installation, repair and maintenance contractors performing work at a retail business.

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Page last updated: 12 Jan 2012