Rosters provide a schedule of your employees’ working hours - generally for a week, fortnight or month ahead. When you are preparing rosters for your retail employees, remember to keep in mind your hours of work and breaks obligations under the Retail Award.

What does a roster need to include?

You must display rosters for your full-time and part-time employees that show:

  • the number of ordinary hours to be worked each week
  • the days of the week on which work is to be done
  • the starting and finishing times of work for each day of the week.

A roster template is available below.

You may also wish to include shifts to be worked by casuals in that roster period if you know in advance what they will be.

Where do I need to display the staff roster?

The Retail Award requires that you post staff rosters on a noticeboard in your business. The noticeboard should be located somewhere where all of your employees will see it.

A noticeboard is an effective way to communicate with your staff. In addition to rosters, they can also be used to tell your staff about upcoming sales, workplace rules and procedures, post contact information or anything else you think is appropriate.

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Page last updated: 02 Sep 2010