Organising rosters

The Retail Award allows for rosters to be arranged in a variety of ways. Full-time employees can be rostered to work:

  • 38 hours in one week
  • 76 hours in two consecutive weeks
  • 114 hours in three consecutive weeks
  • 152 hours in four consecutive weeks.

Your part-time employees can be rostered to work less than 38 hours per week and must have reasonably predictable hours. You must agree in writing to a regular pattern of work with your part-time employees when they first start working with you, specifying at least the hours and days worked and the starting and finishing time on each day. A template agreement/variation form is available below.

Note: The Retail Award prohibits a change of the roster with the purpose of avoiding payment of penalties or loadings.

Casual retail employees don’t have an entitlement to predictable hours and can be rostered to work anytime to suit your business's needs and their personal circumstances (but they may be entitled to penalty rates at certain times of the day and week).

Best Practice Tip

Be prepared to be flexible! Your employees are likely to be more flexible with requests from you if they have a say in when they work and if their needs are taken into consideration.

Best Practice Guide on Work & Family

Making changes to your roster

The rostered hours of part-time employees may be altered at any time by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee (but not their total agreed number of hours). Due to unexpected operational requirements, a full-time employee's roster for a given day may be changed by agreement with the employee prior to the employee arriving for work.

If you are going to make permanent changes to the roster you must give your full-time and part-time retail employees at least 7 days written notice (in case of an emergency, 48 hours notice is allowed for part-time employees). If your full-time retail employees disagree with any changes that have been made to a roster, you must give them at least 14 days notice instead of 7, during which there will be discussions aimed at resolving the matter in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Procedure under the Retail Award.

If you want to change an employee’s regular roster or ordinary hours of work, you must always consult with the employee and their representatives (eg. their union) about the change.  

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Page last updated: 03 Sep 2010