Apprenticeships & traineeships

An apprenticeship or a traineeship is a formal training arrangement between you and your employee. It must be registered with the relevant state or territory training authority.

This section provides you with information about the entitlements your apprentices and trainees receive under the modern award, including information about their rates of pay.

Visit the Apprentices and Trainees section for information about how you can engage an apprentice or trainee, the different types of apprenticeships and traineeships that are available, and what happens when an apprenticeship or traineeship finishes.

Note: for information about training agreements, transfer, suspension or cancellation of training arrangements, visit our Useful contacts page to find the contact details for the training authority in your state or territory.

Best Practice Tip

Young workers can bring enthusiasm and new skills to a workplace. They can also become loyal and valuable employees, particularly if you invest some time and energy into training, and help them achieve their desired qualification through an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Young workers are often unaware of the laws that apply to their employment, and may be reluctant to ask you questions. It can be helpful to explain the basics of the employment relationship to your young workers, so they better understand their rights and obligations as an employee. This also has workplace health and safety benefits, ensuring that they know to ask questions or to seek assistance before doing something that is potentially dangerous.

For more information about managing young workers, see the Best Practice Guide- An employer’s guide to employing young workers, available below.

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Page last updated: 11 Oct 2011