A classification is the level allocated to the type of work that your employee performs. Modern awards contain many different classifications and these are defined in detail based on the duties and tasks that your employees ordinarily perform in their job.

Fast Food Employee Level 1

An employee engaged in food preparation, receiving orders, cooking, sale, serving or delivery of meals, snacks and / or drinks to the public primarily to take away or in food courts in shopping centres and may include incidental cleaning including the cleaning of toilets.

Fast Food Employee Level 2

An employee who has the major responsibility on a day to day basis for supervising Fast Food Employees Level 1 and / or training new employees - such as a shift manager or second-in-charge. This level also covers employees required to have a trade qualification (such as a qualified cook).

Fast Food Employee Level 3

This level applies to employees who are appointed by the employer to be in charge of a shop, food outlet or delivery outlet - such as a store manager.

Note: You are required to inform your employees in writing of their classification and of any changes to their classification. You can do this by including this information in a letter of engagement when they start working for you (templates available below), and simply by writing them a letter if their classification changes. You should also record their classification in your time and wages records.


Jessie works as the manager of a takeaway shop in Victoria. From 1 January 2010, her employment is covered by the Fast Food Award.

In addition to being in charge of the shop, Jessie’s duties include receiving and preparing orders and supervising other fast food employees. Under the Fast Food Award, Jessie is classified as a Fast Food Employee Level 3.

There are elements of Jessie’s position in the lower classifications, such as selling and delivery of meals. However, based on the skills required to perform her job and her level of responsibility, in addition to her duties, the appropriate classification level for Jessie is Fast Food Employee Level 3.

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Page last updated: 27 Feb 2011