Paying wages

When do I pay my clerical employees?

Wages must be paid weekly or fortnightly according to the actual hours worked by your employees. Wages can also be paid monthly if agreed between you and your employees - however monthly payment must be paid on the basis of 2 weeks for time worked and 2 weeks in advance.

How do I pay my employees?

You can pay your clerical employees by cash, cheque or electronic funds transfer directly into their bank account.

If you pay wages in cash or by cheque and the regular pay day falls on an employee’s ordinary day off, they can be paid the day before but must be paid no later than the day after their day off.

A pay slip must be provided to your employees within one working day of payment of wages.

Can I pay my employees a flat hourly rate of pay?

You may want to pay your employees an hourly rate that includes other monetary entitlements (such as allowances, penalty rates and overtime). You must consider these arrangements carefully to ensure you meet your obligations under the Clerks Award. Remember, just because an employee agrees to a rate of pay, does not mean that you have met all of your obligations under the Clerks Award.

This can be a complex legal issue - further information is available in the annualised salaries section. You should seek legal advice or help from your employer association.

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Page last updated: 01 May 2013