Part-time employee entitlements

You can hire clerical employees on a part-time basis to suit your business. Part-time work arrangements can be beneficial for both your business and your employees. For example, your employees may be able to enjoy greater work-life balance, and you can roster them during your business’s busiest periods.

Your part-time clerical employees get the same hourly rate and conditions of employment as full-time employees performing the same type of work. Part-time employees get a pro rata amount of paid annual leave and personal leave, which means a proportionate amount based on their hours of work.

Note: Part-time employees must work or be paid for a minimum of 3 hours per shift. For more information about minimum hours of work for your part-time employees, visit the Hours of work section.

When your part-time employees work any time outside the hours and times specified in their agreement, it is overtime and must be paid at overtime rates of pay.

Visit the How do I hire a part-time employee and Overtime sections for more information about minimum hours of work for part-time employees.


Phillipa is employed on a part-time basis as a secretary, working 10 hours per week. She is classified as Level 4 under the Clerks Award.

Phillipa is entitled to the same hourly rate as her full-time colleague for her ordinary hours of work.

After working in her position for 6 months, Phillipa has accumulated 20 hours, or 2 weeks, of annual leave and 10 hours, or 1 week, of personal leave. After 12 months, Phillipa has 40 hours of annual leave and 20 hours of personal leave.

Visit Finding the right pay for tools to help you calculate minimum wages and penalty rates.

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Page last updated: 16 Sep 2010