Paying wages

When do I pay my employees?

Under the Cleaning Award you need to pay your employees weekly or fortnightly and no later than Thursday in each pay week.

How do I pay my employees?

You can pay employees in cash or by electronic funds transferred directly into their bank account. If an employee has to wait to receive their pay in cash, or if you don’t transfer their wages into their bank account, you must pay the employee their ordinary hourly rate of pay until their wages are paid to them.

If you’re paying your employees cash, any required tax needs to come out of the payment. Paying staff ‘off the books’ to avoid tax is against the law. For information about tax, visit the Australian Tax Office’s website External link icon or call them on 13 28 66.

You need to give your employees a pay slip within one day of paying their wages.

Can I pay my employees a flat hourly rate of pay?

You may want to pay your employees an hourly rate that includes other monetary entitlements (such as allowances, penalty rates and overtime). You must consider these arrangements carefully to ensure you meet your obligations under the Cleaning Award. Remember, just because an employee agrees to a rate of pay, does not mean that you have met all of your obligations under the Cleaning Award.

This can be a complex legal issue and you should seek professional advice or help from your employer association.

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Page last updated: 19 Nov 2010