What types of businesses are covered by the Cleaning Award?

The Cleaning Services Award 2010 (referred to throughout these pages as the Cleaning Award) covers businesses throughout Australia that provide cleaning services under a contract and includes:

  • cleaning (including event cleaning, trolley collection and hygiene and pollution control)
  • minor property maintenance which is incidental or peripheral to cleaning.

Note:  Event cleaning is defined as the provision of cleaning in connection with the staging of sporting, cultural, scientific, technological, agricultural or entertainment events and exhibitions.

The Cleaning Award will only apply to employees of these businesses, if there is a classification for the type of work that they are performing. For more information, visit our Classifications page.

The Cleaning Award doesn’t cover:

  • non-contract cleaning businesses (for example cleaners employed by a retail business)
  • businesses in the dry cleaning and laundry industry
  • trolley collectors not employed by contractors.

There are other modern awards that apply to these types of businesses; however these awards are not covered by this Contract Cleaning Industry section.

If it looks like there is more than one modern award that could cover your employees, you need to check which one will best cover your business and the work performed by your employees.


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Page last updated: 17 Sep 2010