Payment for annual leave & annual leave loading

When a cleaning employee takes annual leave, they need to be paid their ordinary hourly rate, including (if applicable):

  • leading hand allowance
  • first aid allowance
  • penalty rates for shiftwork or rostered ordinary hours of work on Saturday and/or Sunday
  • part-time allowance for part-time employees working shiftwork (Monday to Friday) or rostered ordinary hours on a Saturday and/or Sunday.

Cleaning employees are also paid 17.5% annual leave loading calculated on the ordinary rate of pay for their classification in clause 16 of the Cleaning Award.

However, where a cleaning employee would have been paid a rate of pay, or shift, weekend (Saturday or Sunday), or public holiday penalty rate from Schedule A or Schedule B of the Cleaning Award, they must be paid the higher of:

  • the rate provided in Schedule A or Schedule B, or
  • the minimum wage rates as set out in clause 16 of the Cleaning Award, plus 17.5%.

Permanent night shift

If a cleaning employee usually works a permanent night shift and is entitled to a loading that is more than 17.5% for all hours worked, they’re entitled to be paid the higher loading instead of the 17.5% annual leave loading.

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Page last updated: 16 Sep 2010