Businesses covered by the Hospitality Award

The Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010 (the Hospitality Award) covers employers in the national workplace relations system in the accommodation, liquor and gaming industry and their employees. This includes employees employed in:

  • hotels, motor inns, motels, private hotels, guest houses, and serviced apartments
  • resorts, caravan parks, ski lodges, condominiums, and holiday flats
  • boarding establishments and hostels
  • health or recreational farms, and holiday ranches or farms
  • any other tourist or residential accommodation
  • wine saloons, wine bars and taverns
  • caterers (excluding restaurants and in-flight catering for airlines)
  • casinos
  • restaurants, function areas and convention facilities that are operated in or in conjunction with locations owned or operated by employers covered by the Hospitality Award.

Note: The Hospitality Award covers restaurants that are run in or in conjunction with businesses in the accommodation, liquor and gaming industry, such as a restaurant located in a hotel or resort, even if the related restaurant and hotel or resort are operated by different owners.

The Hospitality Award doesn’t cover employers who are covered by another modern award, including:

  • the Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2010
  • the Restaurant Industry Award 2010
  • the Fast Food Industry Award 2010.

There are some additional exceptions set out in clause 4 of the Hospitality Award. If it looks like there is more than one award that could cover your employees, you need to check which one will best cover your business and the work performed by your employees.

Not covered by the Hospitality Award? Try the:

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Page last updated: 29 Aug 2012