Young workers

Did you know that you have rights at work? Things like minimum wages and other conditions (like leave, breaks, allowances and hours of work) are all protected by the law.
Getting your first job is very exciting. It means money and new friends and can also mean a new life style and some freedom. Make sure you’re getting all of your entitlements by understanding your rights and what you can do if you think you’re getting ripped off.

Are you an employer? Looking for information about how much to pay your employees? See:

So you’ve got a new job? Find out what you need to do

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Understanding your workplace rights can help you find your way through the first few months.

Our guide for young workers explains:

  • things you need to know about your conditions at work
  • things you need to know before you start work and when you get there
  • harassment and discrimination
  • union membership
  • workplace health and safety.

It also has a handy checklist and some helpful hints.

The My Employment Checklist is also helpful in making sure you have all the information you need when starting a job.

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Page last updated: 15 Apr 2014