Time & wage records

You have to keep written records about your employees for 7 years. They must be legible, in English and readily accessible to a Fair Work Inspector. It’s best practice that they are written in plain and simple English.

You can use our record-keeping templates to make sure you’re meeting your obligations.

What records do I have to keep?

You have to keep a written record of:

Who & when

  • the employer’s name and the employee’s name
  • your Australian Business Number
  • the date the employee started work.

Type of employment, hours & rates of pay

  • if the employee is full-time or part-time
  • whether the employee is permanent, temporary or casual
  • the employee‘s pay rate, including gross and net amounts and any deductions from the gross amount
  • loadings, allowances, bonuses, incentive-based payments, penalty rates or other paid entitlements that can be singled out
  • if a penalty rate or loading must be paid for overtime hours:
    • the number of hours of overtime worked, or
    • when the employee started and finished working overtime
  • if the employee works casual or irregular part-time hours and has a guaranteed pay rate for a set period worked:
    • number of hours worked
  • if you and your employee have agreed to average their work hours:
    • a copy of the written agreement
  • if you and your employee have agreed to an individual flexibility arrangement 
    • a copy of the agreement
    • if the agreement is terminated, a copy of the termination.

Leave (all types)

  • leave taken
  • leave balance
  • a copy of any agreement to cash out accumulated leave, the amount that was paid and the date of the payment.


For your employees who are paid superannuation:

  • amount paid
  • pay period
  • date(s) paid
  • name of super fund
  • reason you paid into the fund (e.g. a record of the employee’s super fund choice and the date they made that choice).

Note: if you pay a defined benefit interest into a defined benefit fund you don’t have to include these contributions.

Termination of employment

  • name of the person who terminated the employment
  • how the termination happened - by consent, by notice, summarily (for serious misconduct) or in some other way (need to include details).

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Guarantee of annual earnings

If the employee has a written guarantee of annual earnings for more than $129 300 a year (indexed annually):

  • a copy of the written agreement. 

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Page last updated: 30 Jun 2013