As an employee, you need to know about your rights at a work.

The basics of the Fair Work System are:

  • There are 10 National Employment Standards that protect employees’ minimum conditions.
  • There are 122 modern awards that cover most businesses in Australia. These set the minimum wages and conditions of employment for employees and employers who are covered by them.
  • There are minimum wages, which usually depend on the type of work you’re doing, your age, qualifications, whether you’re doing an apprenticeship or traineeship and the industry you work in.
  • Every employee has to get a Fair Work Information Statement when they start a new job.

We can help you if you don’t think you’re getting your minimum entitlements - see the Things every employee should know page for more information.

My Employment checklist

Whether you’re starting a new job or just want to make sure you understand your rights and what’s expected of you at work, this checklist will help. Being informed will help you be part of a fair and harmonious workplace.

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Page last updated: 28 Nov 2012