Types of agreements

Three types of enterprise agreements

There are 3 types of enterprise agreements:

  • Single-enterprise agreements: between 1 employer and a group of employees. They can involve more than 1 employer in limited circumstances (eg. where 2 or more employers are in a joint venture)
  • Multi-enterprise agreements: between 2 or more employers and groups of their employees
  • Greenfields agreements: between 1 or more employers and 1 or more unions before there are any employees for the agreement to cover. These are for genuine new enterprises

Unions that bargain for an agreement can choose to be covered by it.

Agreements made before 1 January 2010

Before 1 January 2010, different types of agreements could be made, including:

  • collective agreements
  • AWAs (Australian workplace agreements)
  • ITEAs (individual transitional employment agreements).

These types of agreements can’t be made anymore. Existing agreements continue to apply until they’re terminated or are replaced.

Before 27 March 2006, collective agreements were called certified agreements. They were lodged with the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

Collective agreements made after 27 March 2006 were lodged with the Workplace Authority.

State agreements & the national system

New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania joined the national workplace relations system on 1 January 2010.

State agreements from these states continue to apply until they are terminated or are replaced. These are called Division 2B state employment agreements.

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Page last updated: 03 Apr 2014