We value your feedback, as it helps us to know what we're doing well and what changes we need to make.

Feedback about our service

To provide your feedback about your experience with us and our services, you can:

Feedback about our website

Use the website feedback form to:

  • tell us what you think about our website
  • get help with any technical issues, such as downloading documents
  • report technical problems on the website.

You also have an option at the bottom of every page to provide feedback on ways our website can be improved.

Your feedback

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Requesting a review 

We welcome your feedback about your experience with us. You can request a review if you: 

  • are not satisfied with the process
  • do not agree with the outcome
  • think the Fair Work Inspector was unprofessional.

To request a review, email us at, or write to:

Business Improvement
Fair Work Ombudsman
GPO Box 9887

Our review process

Once we receive your request for review we will:
  • contact you to:
    • confirm we have received your request
    • discuss your concerns
  • conduct a review that, depending on the issues, may involve one or more of the following: 
    • taking no further action as we support our processes and the outcome 
    • identifying areas where we can improve our processes or the performance of our staff
    • independently re-assessing your workplace issue
    • recommending further action is taken.
  • advise you of the outcome of the review.

Appealing the review – Commonwealth Ombudsman

The Commonwealth Ombudsman can investigate complaints about Australian Government departments and agencies, including us.

If you’re not satisfied with our review, you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman external-icon.png .

Help for small business

  • Contact the small business helpline for quick and easy access to our advisers and workplace relations information. Call the helpline on 13 13 94 and press option 3
  • Find tools, resources and information you might need on our Small business page.

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