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If you believe you aren’t getting the right pay, conditions (such as annual leave or sick leave) or workplace rights (eg. someone tried to force you or has forced you to sign an agreement) you can make a complaint to us. You can also make a complaint if you think your employer (or prospective employer) is discriminating against you.

This section helps you find out about the different kinds of workplace complaints, when and how to make a complaint and what happens during the process. You’ll also find information about what to do if someone has made a complaint against your business.

In this section

Can I make a complaint?
Having a problem at work? Find out what we can and can’t help you with including time limits.
How to make a complaint
Find information about how to make a complaint with us, including the documents and supporting information you’ll need.
Someone’s made a complaint about my business
Has an employee or former employee made a complaint to us about your business? Find out what you need to do to resolve the complaint.
The complaints process
Find out what happens after a complaint has been made to us, including how we will help you resolve your complaint, how to request a review and how to withdraw a complaint.

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Page last updated: 20 Sep 2012