What's in a modern award?

Modern awards usually have:

  • base pay rates, including piecework rates
  • conditions and requirements for different types of employment (eg. full-time, part-time or casual)
  • overtime and penalty rates
  • allowances (eg. travel allowances)
  • leave and leave loading
  • hours of work (eg. rosters, making changes to working hours)
  • requirements for annual wage or salary arrangements
  • superannuation entitlement and conditions
  • procedures for consultation, representation and settling disputes
  • outworkers
  • redundancy conditions.

The conditions in the modern award apply on top of the minimum conditions in the National Employment Standards.

Modern awards also have a ‘flexibility term’. Employers and employees can use this term to negotiate changes to some of the conditions in the modern award. These are called ‘individual flexibility arrangements’.

Modern awards also include a way of settling disputes about terms in the award or the National Employment Standards.

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Page last updated: 13 Mar 2013