Award Finder

What is Award Finder?

You can use Award Finder to search for your award by your job title or occupation, using the award’s code, name or by industry. You can also browse a list of modern awards. See How do I search with Award Finder to find out how.

How do I use Award Finder?

Our How to use Award Finder video shows you the different ways you can search with Award Finder and some of its other key features. You can also look at our Tips for using Award Finder.

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Working out the right pay

Award Finder can give you access to Pay and Conditions Guides for many modern awards. These guides summarise the award and any arrangements to ‘phase in’ new pay and conditions. They include pay rates and information on allowances, penalty rates and other conditions. See Tips for using Award Finder to read how to find yours.

See Finding the right pay for other tools and resources to help you calculate your minimum rates or pay.

Important! From time to time we update pay rates in our pay tools. If you’re an employer, make sure you sign up for these updates. To do this, go to Pay rate updates.

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Page last updated: 27 Feb 2014