Franchise assistance

This section provides information for franchisees and franchisors about how we can help you achieve fair workplaces which are compliant with workplace laws.

For franchisors

Compliance with workplace laws is important to your brand’s reputation.

As a franchisor, you can minimise the risk to your brand by helping your franchisees meet their responsibilities. On our Advice for Franchisors page you will find information about how you can encourage and assist your franchisees to comply with workplace laws. You will also find out free Employer Obligations Guide which can be used in your business’ operations manual, newsletters or training sessions.

The National Franchise Program also assists franchisors in promoting and supporting franchisee compliance across their business. It offers franchisors an opportunity to participate in a program specially tailored to their business.

For franchisees

Franchisees who employ staff have the same workplace rights and responsibilities as other employers. We have information, advice and resources including templates, forms and letters to help all employers.

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Page last updated: 11 Sep 2013