Mornington Peninsula Hotels & Restaurant Campaign

Date: 22 June 2011
Campaign type: State Campaign
Campaign summary: In May 2010 Victorian Fair Work Inspectors commenced the Mornington Peninsula Hotels & Restaurants Campaign. Acting on intelligence the Fair Work Ombudsman had received employers had their records assessed for compliance with record keeping obligations and hourly rates of pay. The campaign identified a high a level of non compliance with 22 of the 35 employers audited not meeting their obligations. In excess of $120 000 was recovered for 119 employees.
Campaign result: Mornington Peninsula Hotels & Restaurant Campaign Final Report (pdf 303KB) pdf icon

Victorian Monthly Rolling Campaign 2010 - 2011

Date: October 2011
Campaign type: Regional Campaign
Campaign summary: Based on the findings of the Victorian monthly rolling campaign 2009-2010, the FWO extended the campaign during 2010-2011, assessing compliance within areas and industries which had received limited compliance activity. Fair Work Inspectors assessed compliance with hourly rates of pay, record keeping and pay slip obligations.
Campaign results: The individual reports for each of the regions and industries audited as part of this campaign are attached below.

Corryong & Wangaratta Educational Campaign 2010 Report

Date: August 2010 - April 2011
Campaign Type: State
Number of businesses audited: 29
Money recovered: $12 207
Campaign summary: In November 2010, Victorian Fair Work Inspectors visited small businesses in Corryong, Wangaratta and Tallangatta as part of a targeted educational campaign.

Fair Work Inspectors conducted one on one educational visits with 48 employers on the recent changes to the legislation and randomly selected 29 of the 48 employers visited for an audit.

The audit identified 12(41%) employers to be compliant and 17 (59%) to be in contravention. The audit recovered over $12 000 for 10 employees.

The campaign was extremely successful in terms of educating employers on their obligations, as many were not aware of the recent changes.
Campaign results: Corryong & Wangaratta Educational Campaign 2010 Report (pdf 323KB) pdf icon

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